Bangladesh Police Co - operative Society Ltd., of the 2007 - to 008 and 2008 - 2009 of the 2009 years of the date of the Annual General Meeting on 6 December at 10 o'clock Saturday morning, police aditariyama, rajarabaga, held in Dhaka.

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Bangladesh Police Co-operative Socity

The police force members and their families for financial support and self-reliant to Equal then 1959 - nine of Pakistan - Chief Secretary Mr. Mohammed Zakir Hossain  Governor Mr. Mr. AKM Hafiz Uddin I.G.P and Mr. Mohammed Ajfer  police co-operative basis to open a store cina - a people. Mr. Mohammed Abdul Haque  then Dhaka district police super of the action is the responsibility of providing.

Mr. Haque is atyana MA - seriously sarbasa - ray to the police officer employee member of the centrally co-operative society established thinking. In 1960 already continuation "of pakisa - Other Books Co-op Ltd." is the debut of the Committee. Welfare of others by the short name you want to skip "palaoyela" is kept. February 16, 1960 in the Department of Co-operative society registered with the government.

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Bangladesh Co operative Police socity

In 1960 Mr. AKM Hafiz Uddin tatkalina D of G that Bangladesh Police netritbe Co - operative Society Ltd (palaoyela) Happy journey began. 5 years, the financial institutions have operated profitably. The country's largest co-operative organizations as the National Co-constructive tatparataya sammananasaha of the 1985 National Association Awards. The current authorized share capital of about Rs 10 crore. The Society currently has about 100,000 subscribers, and manage the business going susthabhabe. With other estimates of the share holders kampiutaraija ganera labhansya Saving. For the efficient management of the institution, officials / employees of the day - in the ongoing effort to improve society. The management board of the business expansion and revenue growth for palaoyela some thoughts on steps to take.

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 ⇒ Jonaki Sinema Hole

 ⇒ Plowel Cng Filing Station

 ⇒ Plowel Super Market

 ⇒ Palaoyela karanesana uttarah

 ⇒ Palaoyela housing prakalpah

 ⇒ Palaoyela welfare phandah

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 ⇒ Organisational Information (Part I)
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The new project -

 ⇒ Hospital Sector Investment

 ⇒ All around the land purchase

 ⇒ Petrol pumps to install

 ⇒ Establish modern printing

 ⇒ One-stop shopping center to

Later, after independence in 1971 Bangladesh East pakisa - Other Books Co-operative Society Ltd changed its name to fill Bangladesh Police Co - operative Society Ltd. known.

5 years of business activities conducted over the coming turn of the Society. Bangladesh is one of the largest cooperative organization in the country as a national co-constructive sammanasaha tatparataya (National Co-operative Award in 1985) are available. The authorized share capital of 10 crore Society. Sosaitite now has millions of customer. The millions of customers on how to share the profits of the Service and all data is saved. Working with the Society of sequential unneyanera / Staff Day - The ongoing effort of going. Every three years on the management of the organization - on the - the police, senior police officers from Bangladesh through the neutral selection process from the consists of 9 members of the management board.

The management board of the business expansion and revenue growth targets palaoyela range of measures are taken.